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Overbite – not what you might think

Contrary to what many believe, the term “overbite” does not refer to the upper front teeth sticking out too far, nor does it mean misalignment of the teeth.   The term actually refers to the amount of vertical overlap between the upper and lower front teeth.  Normal overbite is about 3mm.  Overbite is often confused with overjet, which is the horizontal …

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Name the Knight!

  May Contest:  Name the Knight!   Ward Orthodontics is pleased to introduce our newest knight.  You will find him sporting a lovely coat of chainmail and guarding the halls of our castle with Sir Smiles-alot.  Unfortunately, our new knight does not yet have a name.  We need your help to come up with a creative or funny name.  Send …

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April Contest

Guess how many jelly beans there are in the jar!  The winner gets a $25 gift card to Target.  Contest ends April 30th.  Submit your answer in our office or email to

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Irish Princesses

We had a great time being in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday.  We were the ones riding in the Royal Purple Carriage!  Check our facebook page for more photos!

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March Contest: Tell us what you did for Spring Break

Send us a postcard, a letter, a photo, or an email telling us what you did for Spring Break and we will enter you in a drawing for our March Contest.  The winner gets a $50 gift card to Target!  

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Welcome to the Ward Orthodontics Blog!

Welcome to our new blog!  We have created this blog in order to let you know about all the exciting things happening at Ward Orthodontics.  Check our blog regularly to stay up-to-date about monthly contests and other events.  We’ll also post tips about taking care of your braces and other useful information.  We welcome your comments and hope that you will share any …

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