Sleep Apnea


Sleep Apnea Treatment in Fort Collins, CO

Sleep apnea is a serious medical issue highlighted by impaired nighttime breathing. In many cases, the affected individual actually stops breathing for a few moments before resuming. This cycle can be repeated hundreds of times each night. Sleep apnea is one of the primary reasons that people snore, and one of the key signals that they may need to seek treatment for the condition. While sleep apnea is often linked to problems with the adenoids, here at Fort Collins Headache Center we know that issues in the jaw are a commonly overlooked cause. Specifically, issues affecting the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can be a key contributing factor.

The TMJ connects the jaw to the skull. It is the reason for the full range of motion of the jaw and is one of the most active joints in the body. As a trade-off for these things, it is prone to wear and tear, which results in dysfunction and creates a whole host of health complaints. These maladies are grouped under the heading temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD.

There are many symptoms of TMD, including radiating pain, clicking in the joint and inflammation throughout the region. There can also be damage to the cartilage that lines the joint. This is important for the discussion of sleep apnea, because the damaged cartilage can keep the jaw and skull from fitting together properly. If this happens the jaw can sag and push the tongue out of its normal resting state. The tongue may retract toward the throat and obstruct normal breathing during sleep. This accounts for the snoring and periods of shallow or no breathing.

As we’ve said, sleep apnea is a serious health issue. Because the oxygen level in the body is reduced during the night, the heart needs to work harder to pump more to the extremities that are literally suffocating. The need for a constant, increased heart rate has many negative consequences. For example, an individual who suffers from sleep apnea will typically feel fatigued even after a full night’s sleep. This is due to both the lower oxygen levels and the fact that their overactive state has kept them from achieving a deep, restful sleep. In addition, many people with sleep apnea will wake up with an active headache due to the long lack of oxygen.

Sleep apnea can ruin your quality of life, but now there’s a way to fight back. Fort Collins Headache Center utilizes TruDenta, a breakthrough diagnostic and treatment system that can target the cause of your sleep apnea and correct it. After a short 20-minute exam we can tell you whether you’re a candidate for our program. If you are, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you that will have you pain free in 12 or fewer weekly visits.

We also diagnose and treat patients with chronic headaches and migraines, TMJ disorder, jaw pain, neck pain, chronic earaches and tinnitus, and all of the symptoms associated with these issues. To get started, book an examination with us at 970-672-8517, or use the online contact form here on the website. We can provide you with care and treatment to rid you of the pain and help you reach a higher quality of life.

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