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Treatment Therapy
Fort Collins Headache Center

Many of our patients find it hard to believe the relief they feel from a single Fort Collins Headache Center therapy treatment appointment. We hear the word “amazing” used quite often by our patients when they describe to us how they’re doing after their very first session of TruDenta treatment. See video testimonials from actual patients here. You will notice in the clips that numerous patients also describe the entire process as “life changing.”

There are a wide range of symptoms treated by Dr. Jared Ward at Fort Collins Headache Center. From a simple imbalanced bite that results in pain to chronic headaches and migraines that continue for decades, we regularly see patients whose entire lives are impaired by the negative results of dental related forces. Each of our patients receives a treatment program that is customized for their exact diagnosis, and treatment can begin immediately.

migraine-therapy-in-fort-collinsFort Collins Headache Center treatments last about 50 minutes and include the use of several proven, FDA cleared technologies, including the aforementioned TruDenta. Depending upon the severity of the diagnosis, patients require from one to twelve treatments, completed weekly. Thus a patient with the most severe diagnosis could achieve lasting relief from their symptoms in about three months.

TruDenta LogoThe treatments are completed within the offices of Fort Collins Headache Center by the comprehensively trained staff. The treatments are painless, require no needles and there are no drugs involved.

Visit Fort Collins Headache Center to receive a complete assessment examination that will determine if our program is right for you. If you are found to be a candidate for therapy, Dr. Ward will explain the details of our cutting-edge treatment system and show you the exact treatment steps required to permanently relieve your symptoms.

Our goal is to make you smile!