How does TruDenta treat headaches and migraines?

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If you are one of the millions of people globally who suffer from ongoing headache pain, would it surprise you to find out these issues may be directly related to your mouth, and more specifically your jaw? In fact, along with chronic headaches, recurring migraines, neck pain, earaches, tinnitus and even sleep apnea can all be related to issues with your temporomandibular joints (TMJ), which connect the jaw to the skull.

Because your dentist specializes in your complete dental health, they are specialists of head and neck anatomy. They understand how various problems in the mouth can be read by the nerves as head pain. For example, if you are clenching your teeth or grinding them repeatedly due to stress, you can overwork the muscles in the mouth and jaw to the point that they begin to send out pain signals. This pain can be misconstrued as a headache or earache by the nervous system

A troublesome bite

Imbalanced bite forces within your mouth may also be the culprit of your pain issues. The muscles of these areas become affected when the pressure from your bite is not distributed evenly through the teeth. Changes in the nerves can occur as a result, leading to ongoing pain once again that can be misread as a migraine or other conditions.

What is TruDenta?

The TruDenta system is a remarkable treatment option that is both free of needles or drugs of any kind. This diagnostic treatment system is capable of providing lasting relief for patients. This breakthrough, FDA approved system has completely reversed thousands of people’s headache symptoms from coast to coast.

This revolutionary therapeutic concept allows specially trained TruDenta dentists to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your symptoms and correct them. Other approaches target the pain and not the root issue, which means the problem returns again and again. This is why many sufferers give up on treatment altogether and live in constant pain. A simple 20-minute exam would reveal many of these people to be completely treatable with TruDenta.

What you should know about the exam

During your comprehensive TruDenta examination, a special computer is used to measure the force balance within your mouth. It measures each tooth individually to compute the findings. Next, the disability of your mouth muscle movements will be measured and recorded. Lastly, measurements of your mouth movements are taken.

The dentist has the necessary facts after these painless tests to accurately determine why you are experiencing headache symptoms. If you are found to be a good candidate for TruDenta’s cutting-edge therapy, a personalized treatment plan will be created to address your unique needs.

State-of-the-art technology

The TruDenta treatment method is based on therapies adapted from the fields of neuromuscular dentistry and sports medicine. Although it is non-invasive, as already noted, the regimen works extremely well. Many TruDenta patients report a noticeable decrease in their pain and the frequency of headache occurrence after the very first treatment. Most patients are fully symptom free in less than 12 weekly visits, which typically take an hour each.

The time is now

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be pain free and not have to miss out on life anymore due to your migraines, chronic headaches and TMJ pain? Well, you can be. Contact Dr. Jared Ward at Fort Collins Headache Center today at 970-672-8517 or use the contact form on this page to schedule your evaluation exam. The time to reclaim your quality of life is now.

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