How Migraines are Affecting Our Society (And Why Treatment Is So Important)

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Chronic migraines are a terrible condition, and contrary to what many non-sufferers assume, it is not something you can “get used to.” Not only are migraine headaches extremely painful, they also can lead to other serious health conditions.

In order to appreciate the magnitude of this problem, lets look at how migraines affect different categories of people. One interesting fact about this condition is that is occurs more in women. The following post discusses this further:

Here’s Why Women Get Migraines More Than Men

New research adds urgency to the need for relief

Migraines—searing headaches that feel like a hammer to the inside of the skull—can strike anyone, but they predominantly affect women, who are up to four times more likely than men to get them. What causes them, and why they impact women more, remains unclear, but a pair of new studies adds urgency to the need to find better methods of treatment.

One new study published Tuesday in the journal The BMJ found that women who get migraines are also more likely to develop heart conditions like heart attacks and strokes, and are also slightly more likely to die from them compared to women who do not regularly get migraines. Read more at…

The fact that women are more likely to get migraines than men doesn’t mean that male patients suffer any less from the condition when it is present. In fact, the opposite may be true. The following post examines this in more detail:

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Migraines And Men

Yes, men get migraines too! In fact around 5% of men across the world suffer from migraines. 70% of men with migraines go undiagnosed* and do not have a clear understanding of their condition. Migraines in men are just as painful and draining as they are in women- however not much is heard from male migraine sufferers.

Morry, a long time chronic migraine sufferer shared his migraine story with us. He talks about dealing with migraines on a daily basis and how that led to him leaving his job. Read more at Migraine Buddy…

So now we know that men and women suffer from migraines and they both can experience the drastic changes that Morry shares in his story. And that’s still not all there is to know. To throw a spanner in the works, migraines don’t just affect adult men and women – they also affect children, as explained in the following article:

Migraines are common in children

About 10 percent of children between the ages of 5 and 15 suffer from migraines. Before puberty, it’s seen in about the same number of boys and girls but after it’s higher in girls because of the rise in estrogen. In fact, about 50 percent of girls will experience migraines a few days before or on the first day of their menstrual periods.

Migraines have been reported in babies as young as 18-months-old. Although it’s more difficult to identify, if there’s a family history or a parent is a migraine sufferer, they may be able to recognize the signs early.

There’s also some evidence that if a baby has colic, they’re more likely to have migraines as they get older. Read more at Fox News…


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