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How does TruDenta treat headaches and migraines?

fort collins colorado headache migraine tmj trudenta

If you are one of the millions of people globally who suffer from ongoing headache pain, would it surprise you to find out these issues may be directly related to your mouth, and more specifically your jaw? In fact, along with chronic headaches, recurring migraines, neck pain, earaches, tinnitus and even sleep apnea can all be related to issues with …

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Jaw clenching and teeth grinding can lead to TMJ pain

Tmj Causes Treatment Charlotte Nc 1

Bruxism is the clinical name for clenching your teeth together. It also encompasses grinding your top and bottom teeth together or sliding the teeth back and forth repeatedly. This behavior can occur while individuals are awake or during their sleep. It may seem strange that people can clench their teeth and be unaware of it, however it is a common …

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