Can Fort Collins Headache Center treat my TMJ pain?

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There are several painful symptoms that can result from problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the “hinge” that connects the jaw to the skull. These ailments include chronic headaches and migraines, chronic earaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), chronic neck pain, chronic jaw pain and even sleep apnea.

As many sufferers of these conditions quickly come to realize, healthcare practitioners often focus their attention on treating the symptoms. And since they never alleviate the underlying cause, the problems return again and again. Some sufferers become so disheartened by this cycle that they stop seeking treatment altogether and resign themselves to living with a lower quality of life.

If you have been unable to find relief from your TMJ-related problems, here is some great news. Dr. Jared Ward at Fort Collins Headache Center doesn’t just treat the symptoms of these associated conditions. He focuses on the issues that are the real cause of TMJ pain. Some examples of this might be misalignment in the bite, bruxism (teeth grinding) or jaw clenching.

Fort Collins Headache Center’s ability to cure these conditions is based on an advanced, FDA approved diagnostic and treatment system. With it, Dr. Ward can accurately evaluate the forces in the head, neck and mouth. Once any underlying problems have been detected, a unique TMJ treatment protocol is created for each individual. The treatments utilize a combination of therapies adapted from the fields of neuromuscular dentistry and sports medicine.

An assessment exam takes approximately 20 minutes. If a subject is found to be a candidate for treatment, the first therapy session is usually offered during the same visit. A significant number of Fort Collins Headache Center patients experience a noticeable decrease in pain from the first treatment. Subsequent weekly appointments last about 50 minutes and a full course of treatment runs 12 weeks or less.

If you are suffering with any of the complaints mentioned here and have been unable to find relief, it’s time to schedule an assessment with Dr. Ward. Call Fort Collins Headache Center today at 970-627-8517, or use the contact form on this page to set an appointment.

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