Scientists Recommend Green Light To Ease Migraine Pain

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Migraine patients typically have a number of triggers that usually occur before they experience debilitating headaches. These differ depending on the individual, and it helps for patients to identify their triggers. This helps them avoid such triggers and thus reduce the frequency of migraine headaches.

Additionally, there are certain elements that tend to increase headache pain, while others do just the opposite. One of them is light.

According to a study performed by researchers in Boston, migraine patients experience increased pain when exposed to blue light. During a migraine attack, patients typically become more sensitive to light, but these researchers discovered that a narrow spectrum of low-intensity green light significantly reduced this sensitivity.

Green light found to ease the pain of migraine

People who experience migraines that are made worse by light might be better off seeing the world in green.

While white, blue, red and amber light all increase migraine pain, low-intensity green light seems to reduce it. The team behind the finding hope that specially developed sunglasses that screen out all wavelengths of light except green could help migraineurs.

Many people experience sensitivity to light during a migraine. Photophobia, as it is known, can leave migraineurs resorting to sunglasses in well-lit rooms, or seeking the comfort of darkness. Read more here…

fort collins colorado migraine headache center tmj trudenta treatment

The link between light sensitivity and migraines is not new, particularly for the patients. In fact, about 80 percent of migraine attacks are associated with sensitivity to light. As a result, many of them will want to get away and hide in a dark room whenever possible, as well as isolating themselves from their workmates, family members and daily activities.

The link between migraine headaches and light may be the result of optic nerves. Scientists have also established that this link exists:

Study Shows Light Triggers Migraine Pain Even in Blind Subjects

At Axon Optics, we conduct clinical studies and keep an eye on studies regarding light and migraine.  The results of this particular study are rather striking when you see it for the first time – light can trigger migraine pain even in blind subjects.  Part of the study took place in our hometown of Salt Lake City.  The study’s co-author, Dr. Kathleen Digre, is a collaborator and coworker of Dr. Bradley Katz (of Axon Optics) at the University of Utah.

For many people, light plays a significant role in either triggering or exacerbating migraines. Because we use oureyes to see, it’s easy to think of migraines being triggered by the visual or image-making effects of light. But the study by researchers at Harvard Medical School and the University of Utah found light causes migraines even in non-seeing subjects, indicating a much more complex nerve response that doesn’t depend on the image-making aspect of vision and sight. Read full post here…

So what does this mean? For one, it suggests that migraine attacks can be avoided by blocking out the type of light that triggers pain. If light sensitivity is one of your migraine symptoms, you might want to consider migraine glasses.

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Lights Driving you Insane?: Indoor Migraine Glasses!

High Hats!  Fluorescent lights! Computer screens!  As a migraineur, you just cannot get away from them at work, at home, at school, anywhere indoors.  A whopping 90% of migraineurs are photophobic, and until recently the only indoor solution was to go into a dark room — or just sit and suffer in silence.

Theraspecs and Axon Optics are two companies devoted to creating high-quality glasses that may improve your life with migraines significantly.  Both companies have a done a great deal of research, have created special lenses, and are committed to helping us be more functional indoors.  And each has its own special story. Read more here…

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