Treating TMD can erase chronic neck pain

chronic neck pain fort collins, co headache center

There are many powerful dental forces that impact the mouth, head and neck area. When these forces are balanced, there is harmony. However, problems such as improper alignment of the teeth or imbalanced bite forces in the jaws can lead to a painful condition known as TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). Radiating pain caused by TMD can present as neck pain.

Because the jaw and oral system are so prominent in the cause of pain, a specially trained dentist is often the best healthcare provider possible for treating chronic neck pain. In Fort Collins, CO, Dr. Jared Ward of Fort Collins Headache Center specializes in providing just this sort of care. Using the cutting-edge TruDenta system, Dr. Ward is able to comprehensively examine and accurately diagnose the source of his patients’ chronic neck pain.

TruDenta treatment makes use of modalities taken from neuromuscular dentistry and sports medicine to re-balance the forces within the oral system. These therapeutic methods are ultrasound, low level laser therapy, manual trigger point therapy and electrical stimulation, used in combination during treatment. Appointments usually last 50 minutes and even the most extreme cases are usually treated in less than 12 weekly visits. Many patients experience a noticeable decrease in pain with the very first treatment.

If you are ready to use the latest technology available to eliminate your neck pain, call Fort Collins Headache Center at 970-627-8517 or use the contact form on this page to schedule your assessment exam.

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