Your earaches could be a TMJ issue

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Believe it or not, your earaches could be a TMJ issue. Many people simply assume they suffer from chronic ear infections when in fact they are dealing with temporomandibular joint problems. What does ear pain from TMJ disorder feel like? Of course, every patient may manifest symptoms differently but the following are some of the most commonly experienced issues: Ear …

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Women have more migraines than men

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Studies show that women have more migraines than men. Even though migraine is predominantly a woman’s health issue, men do suffer from this often debilitating disease. Research indicates that ladies are three times more likely to be susceptible. The estrogen influence Interestingly enough, boys suffer more than girls from migraines during childhood. However, once puberty begins, the prevalence rises among …

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What you need to know about Sleep Apnea

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Knowing the facts about Sleep Apnea can help you eliminate the risk factors in your control for this serious health condition and help you determine if professional help is something you ought to explore. Sleep Apnea symptoms Are you bleary eyed each morning upon waking? Do you feel like you haven’t caught a wink of sleep let alone hours? Have …

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Migraines: Take notes, read the signs

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Migraines can be so debilitating that people have to miss work or call someone over to help them look after their children. Symptoms and signs that a migraine is coming can be different for everyone. Try keeping a journal of your personal experiences to help you determine triggers and symptoms in order to stay ahead of the situation. Through your …

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Don’t let your family life be ruled by your headaches

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If you suffer from severe headaches on a regular basis, you already know how they can get in the way of your normal life. This can affect all areas of your day-to-day routine, but most of all, it can get in the way of spending time with your spouse, your children and your other family members. Luckily, there are ways …

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Understanding TMJ pain and its causes

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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and muscle ailments commonly known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) are a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement. For most people, pain in the area of the jaw does not signal a long-lasting problem. The discomfort in these cases is infrequent and temporary. Eventually …

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A TruDenta dentist can treat your migraines

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If you suffer from migraines, you probably automatically think that your primary care physician is the first person that you should see to deal with them. While your doctor may be able help you with your headaches, there is a chance that he or she will not be able to help as much as some other medical professionals. For example, …

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Basic facts about TMJ disorder

fort collins headache center colorado tmj disorder trudenta

TMJ disorder, which is named after the temporomandibular joint and commonly known as TMD, is a condition that affects your jaw. If you have been diagnosed with TMD, or if you have been having trouble related to your jaw and are wondering what the problem could be, you might want to learn a little more about this surprisingly common yet …

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Chronic headaches can steal your quality of life

Tmj Headache In Fort Collins Colorado

Individuals who commonly deal with frequent headaches unfortunately become used to canceling plans, having to leave work early, using up their sick days and saying no to activities they previously loved. It’s easy to see how frequent negativity surrounding chronic headaches can steal your quality of life. Many sufferers have no halo, premonition or warning of any kind. This sudden …

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How does TruDenta treat headaches and migraines?

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If you are one of the millions of people globally who suffer from ongoing headache pain, would it surprise you to find out these issues may be directly related to your mouth, and more specifically your jaw? In fact, along with chronic headaches, recurring migraines, neck pain, earaches, tinnitus and even sleep apnea can all be related to issues with …

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