How Migraines are Affecting Our Society (And Why Treatment Is So Important)

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Chronic migraines are a terrible condition, and contrary to what many non-sufferers assume, it is not something you can “get used to.” Not only are migraine headaches extremely painful, they also can lead to other serious health conditions. In order to appreciate the magnitude of this problem, lets look at how migraines affect different categories of people. One interesting fact about this condition is that …

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It’s Time To Deal With Your Neck Pain

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Featured Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Pain is usually an indicator that a particular part of your body is in need of some special attention. In fact, it announces that something needs to be done soon. People who do not experience pain even when they have physiological issues can easily fall into extenuating complications that produce dire results. But while pain …

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Sleep Apnea: Is it Just a Medical Term for Snoring?

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People who snore experience difficulty in breathing while they are sleeping. It can be characterized by moments when breathing stops and then they continue snoring. It is rare for them to go through a whole night of uninterrupted sleep. They therefore lose out on the benefits of having a good night’s sleep, which is very important for the body’s systems. …

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TMJ and Jaw Pain Relief – What Do The Experts Say?

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Cases of people suffering from TMJ issues and resultant jaw pain have been on the rise in the U.S. If you have ever had this experience, then you know the discomfort and pain that comes with the condition. Even if you haven’t suffered from TMJ or jaw pain, you probably know someone who has, which is why it’s important to be …

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There Are Many Reasons For Earaches…All Need Your Attention

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Featured Image Courtesy of Flickr Earaches can be quite painful, making it almost impossible to focus on anything else you want to or should be doing. The pain may be dull or sharp, or you might even experience a burning sensation. In children, the discomfort can be quite severe, translating into lots of doctors appointments and emergency room visits at odd …

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TMJ Pain Relief Solutions You Should Know

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TMJ disorders are known to cause pain in the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. The pain may be occasional or frequent, and may vary from mild to severe, but as any TMJ patient will tell you, they would give almost anything to get rid of the pain. Fortunately, there are things you can do to relieve TMJ pain. One of …

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Scientists Recommend Green Light To Ease Migraine Pain

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Migraine patients typically have a number of triggers that usually occur before they experience debilitating headaches. These differ depending on the individual, and it helps for patients to identify their triggers. This helps them avoid such triggers and thus reduce the frequency of migraine headaches. Additionally, there are certain elements that tend to increase headache pain, while others do just …

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Migraine Patients Often Miss The Benefits Of Holistic Treatment

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Image Courtesy of Youtube If you’ve lived with migraines for a considerable portion of your life – or even a couple of months, you might feel like you’ve tried everything to get rid of them. There are all sorts of ‘cures’ out there, including prescription medications, OTC drugs, and complementary and alternative therapies. The 2015 Migraine In America survey revealed …

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Can Fort Collins Headache Center treat my TMJ pain?

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There are several painful symptoms that can result from problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the “hinge” that connects the jaw to the skull. These ailments include chronic headaches and migraines, chronic earaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), chronic neck pain, chronic jaw pain and even sleep apnea. As many sufferers of these conditions quickly come to realize, healthcare practitioners …

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How TMJ and sleep apnea are related

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When you wake up in the morning, do you ever find yourself wondering whether you actually slept at all? Do you feel as though you are spending your day in a fog-like state? Do you feel tired and lethargic from the start of the day all the way to the end? Many people know that sleep apnea causes disturbed sleep, …

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